Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 157 - How will the world ever change if can't love our neighbors?

This blog is a follow up from my previous blog Day 155 - Desperation - How will the world ever change?, where I express my desperation towards the condition of the world and blame others for creating it, while not taking responsibility and realizing my part in creating the world as it is - in the following blogs I will be walking in self forgiveness the points that had opened up through writing the previous blog, as my first step of actually taking self responsibility.


in this blog i speak of the relationship towards neighbors, where neighbors can be anyone in our environment, anyone we have created a relationship towards – who ever is beyond the imaginary line we drew in our minds as the defining border of ourselves, thus, our neighbor is that which we see as “them”, “the other” – in many cases our neighbor is that which we blame, that which we envy, that which we fear… 



I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist in fear towards my neighbors, within an experience of having to protect and defend myself within the belief that they are only looking out for their own interest and will inevitably hurt me if it serves their interest


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist in fear of my neighbors, within expecting them to express their inherent evil, while believing myself to be "the good one" as I see myself as innocent, not realizing that I too have been existing within self interest as I've been wanting to fulfill my own self interest no matter what the price may be, thus disregarding my neighbors within not considering them in my equation of my wants, needs and desires, but only seeing me and myself, thus I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that I fear within my neighbors that which exists within and as myself, that which I have been hiding form myself, as to be able to maintain the self definition I have of myself, of being good and innocent, while believing they are evil and self interest, thus, separating myself form them in creating a polarity, building up a fence to protect me from them, not realizing that as long as that which I fear exists within me, no fence will be able to protect me, I must face my own evil and walk a process of self correction, within this I realize that only through correcting myself within self forgiveness will I be able to see my neighbors as my equals and be able to find practical livable ways to co-exist with them in harmony that will be an actual physical manifestation of the principle of love thy neighbor as thy self


The principle "love thy neighbor as thy self" is an expression of the principle of equality as the law of balance which is guiding existence - realizing equality as the ultimate law that governs our reality gives us insight and understanding into ourselves within and as the physical reality in which we exist within - within this understanding, I realize that as long as I don't love myself truly and unconditionally I cannot love my neighbor - due to the principle of equality implying that as within so without - within this, the reverse is equally true - where, as long as I fear my neighbor I am showing myself that in fact I fear myself, that I exist in separation of myself to such an extent that I fear facing the totality of who I am, this being reflected to me by my separation that I exist within towards my neighbor, not allowing myself to see them as the totality of who they are as equal living beings as myself - thus, neighborly conflict is an indication of inner conflict and thus an invitation for self introspection - realizing that reality exist as a reflection of ourselves, allows us to see that all our relationships towards anything or anyone external to us is a reflection, a mirroring, of our relationship with ourselves


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see and realize that the friction and conflict I have within and towards my neighbors is indicating a point of inner conflict and friction within myself, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to instead of investigating myself in self honesty as to find myself within myself, to align myself with the true nature of myself as the principle of equality, I have allowed myself to place blame, hatred and fear towards my neighbor, thus separating myself from them that much further, and within that separating myself from myself as well, sabotaging my opportunity to self realize, expand and grow, into an actual living human being, to transform myself from the organic robot that I exist as, as I've been following my self interest, in separation, regardless of the harm and abuse I create as consequences, and into a living being that exist in inner harmony within living the expression of "man, know thyself" and within knowing myself, accepting myself unconditionally through removing anything that is in contradiction to life, as the expression of equality, and within removing all contradictions, becoming one within and as myself, to then realize myself as one with all that is here, as nature, humanity and existence as a whole - thus, I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize equality as the true expression of myself and instead I have been following my mind in separation, thus equalizing myself to all that which I judge and blame as the cause of suffering and pain, instead of equalizing myself to that which is the solution for all the suffering and pain, which is that which is best for all life, practically, as a living expression, in every moment, of every breath.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear my neighbors, beyond the countries borders, within believing they want to harm me, take my land, take my jobs, and destroy me altogether in an endless war, while not stopping for a moment and questioning myself, as investigating my own self responsibility, within realizing that "it takes two to tango" and thus, the conflict and friction I experience as blame towards my neighbor countries, is never one sided, and as long as I blame the others, I realize I am not standing within my responsibility of correcting myself unconditionally, not as a response to them changing first, but as an act of self honesty, within realizing that as long as I, as my country, don't stand as self responsibility, I cannot expect another to stand in their responsibility, I cannot expect for one to do that which I am not applying as myself. And thus, I realize that the only way to create change is to actually be the change unconditionally and without expectation or rewards, and within that to live as the living example of taking self responsibility.


I realize there is actually a inevitable reward within taking self responsibility, as it is the only way to stop the inner conflict, thus, regardless of the outcome, I realize that standing in self responsibility, in self honesty, is the only possible way to have inner peace, and that is the first step towards having external peace - within this, I realize that the outflow as what I see manifest in my reality is the consequence of the past, and thus, the change must be an equal accumulation towards that which is best for all in equality, for it actually to become a reality - I say this as to not lose hope or motivation within expecting the change to be immediate - I realize it too us many many many years to create this mess to such a extent, and it will take us many years to correct ourselves, both on an individual level as each of walk the process of self forgiveness and on the world level as we change and correct the world system to align it with the principle of equality, so that we can exist in inner peace, and so can the world and existence as a whole.


living beings are cared for

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