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Day 158 - How will the world ever change if we are busy with fighting small battles instead of addressing the core issue?

This blog is a follow up from my previous blog Day 155 - Desperation - How will the world ever change?, where I express my desperation towards the condition of the world and blame others for creating it, while not taking responsibility and realizing my part in creating the world as it is - in the following blogs I will be walking in self forgiveness the points that had opened up through writing the previous blog, as my first step of actually taking self responsibility.


species  extinct I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to admire people that are activists, that spend their time fighting for the causes they believe in, within realizing that this world is a mess and within seeing the abuse and atrocities that are taking place, within this, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see myself as less than these people because I have seen this one aspect of them and have compared it to myself, instead of allowing myself to equalize myself to this aspect of them that I see and judge as more than me, I realize that by allowing myself to exist in inferiority to this aspect / character of being dedicated I am accepting my own self limitation instead of allowing myself to expand through learning from others dedication and self commitment and applying it for and as myself


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to admire people who are "true activists" and go out and fight against the inhumanity and abuse being inflicted on people or animals or the environment due to whatever reason, within this, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be blinded by the appearance of them "changing the world" and within that not allowing myself to question if the time and effort they are spending on their cause is actually effective within asking myself if this cause / fight is actually addressing the core problem and issue as the source that is creating the problem to begin with, within this, I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see that we have but limited time on earth, and within our limited time any minute spent not working towards an actual solution that addresses the core issues and problems of the world, is a minute wasted, and thus, I realize it is not enough to be dedicated and committed and driven within a desire to change the world, we must place our efforts in an actual solution that addresses the problem in it's totality, within this I realize that working towards anything that isn't the final solution is a waste of time and a mere distraction, as it allows the problem to continue untreated


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to, within wanting to make a difference, not investigate thoroughly the organizations I am participating within, and thus am not actually work towards a practical solution that will change anything effectively, but rather work towards making myself feel better through volunteering, being an activist and seeing myself as someone that is working towards a real change rather than actually doing it


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to admit to the harsh fact that by being an activist in any organization that doesn't address the source problem of this world, I am acting within self interest, so that I can define myself as a good person and place myself morally higher than others that don't care about the suffering and abuse, and thus, I separate myself from those that I have defined as indifferent or as the cause of the problem, where I see myself as part of the solution, within this, I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see that separation and inequality are the source problems that manifest all other problems as mere symptom to separation and inequality, and thus, by placing myself as separate from others and morally higher than others I am in fact contributing to the problem rather to the solution, as I am living out the very construct of separation and inequality within and as myself, and thus am giving my permission for separation and inequality to carry on in any aspect and form within this reality, and thus through participating in separation and inequality I am accepting and allowing all separation and inequality to exist within this world, and thus allowing and accepting all the outcomes and consequences as flow out from this starting point we all exist as, as separation and inequality


I realize that the only way to change anything within and as this world is through learning to live as equal and one, both within self and within one's relationships and environment - thus I realize that any solution that doesn't include both correcting self and the world system to exist as the living expression of oneness and equality isn't an effective solution, thus I realize that the answer to the worlds problems, which we have all created and accepted, must be on both levels as on an individual level and the world system level - anything less is unacceptable because within anything less there is compromise and thus an acceptance that the problem cannot really be solved - but, in realizing that this compromise is based in fear and past / future projections, one must see that it is not based on reality, and thus, is not valid - as the physical reality shows us - change takes a physical movement, not a belief or hope, but simply walking in the direction necessary, in dedication and commitment and change will be inevitable.


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that without investigating and understanding what I am doing, how can I trust that I am actually doing anything worth while from the perspective that it is actually working towards changing reality for the better through solving the source problem and not merely placing a plaster to momentarily feel better while the actual problem goes unattended


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize, that similar to a disease in the body, when it is not treated affectively it escalates and will end up causing more pain and suffering, while only a source solution as within finding the actual cause and reason for the problem, and attending to it specifically will make it better, I realize that the actual treatment of the sick body may be painful and take more time than merely taking pain killers or superficial antibiotics, but within this I realize I must be patient and consistent because it is basic common sense, that we must solve the problems from the root, or else the root will get stronger and the problem will get worse.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to admire those who are activists and go out and fight for the causes they believe in, though I haven't considered their actual starting point and within this, I haven't considered the actual goals of the organization they are fighting for, I have not allowed myself to see the entire picture within it's full context - thus, I have been allowing myself to admire an idea, an illusion


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that I have been admiring the character I see in them as being diligent, consistent and dedicated, and not them per say, as these are aspects that I have not discovered within myself yet and have not allowed myself to express and explore as myself, as these are aspects within myself that I have been suppressing in fear of standing up and taking self responsibility, and thus have not allowed myself to exist as them in equality, but rather I have defined myself as inadequate and incapable of such characters, and thus admire them when I see them in others.


The only solution worth fighting for is one that actually addresses all points that are the core cause for all other problems which manifest as symptoms of the core problem we must solved - this being the manifestation of inequality and separation, as the desire for power, control, greed - all created within a system that promotes and thrives on inequality, and reward greed and corruption, within a corrupted form of capitalism which we have learned to believe is the manifestation of freedom, when in fact it is the chamber of enslavement - as we are all enslaved to fear of survival instead of living as kings and queens in the earthly kingdom, while a small elite are playing monopoly with our lives, feeding us with illusions through the media that is owned by them, to buy products owned by them, to vote for politicians owned by them, promoting war, hate, fear all to keep us in our enslaved ignorance - this is the one point worth addressing, because within it, we will see that all the other problems of this world are linked to this one point - this is why Equal Money Capitalism (EMC) is the only organization / movement that is actually addressing all points, from unemployment, to health care, to education, to the weapon industry, to corruption in politics, to brain washing in advertisements , to accepted media manipulation, to animal abuse, to pollution, to sweat shops, to child abuse - the list of problems is too long to mention, yet you will see, if you dare to investigate self honestly, that EMC is the only proposal that addresses all points, as it is directed by one principle, the principle of Equality and Oneness as What is Best for ALL LIFE – Only within this principle can all problems actually be addressed, solved and corrected effectively, while considering all aspect, all people, and all parts of the equation of LIFE.


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