Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 166 - Enslaved to Memories - Money and Morality

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I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a point of morality where I can only sell that which I have tried and tested for myself, while not considering that practically that cannot be a determining factor within this current system where people need to make a living and cannot be self righteous about only selling products that they have tested, as for example med can sell hygienic products for women and visa versa - thus I realize that any point of morality is a distraction, as placing the accountability on the sales person while not considering the entire money system as accountable for the fact that people even have to go out and try to sell to other people shit they might not need in order to survive the system - thus I realize that within the current system no morality exist, and trying to perceive myself as moral would be within separating myself from the system as I am the moral island in the deceit of the system - while in fact no one can honestly separate themselves from the system because we are all creating it within out participation, as everything we do is from the system, there is no escaping it - thus, by placing morality on small aspects within the system I am dissecting myself from the fact that the system in it's entity must change, and until it does nothing I do within it can hold any morality - it would be done as the rest from a practical perspective of survival within realizing that one must have money to live in the system.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hide behind the sense of morality as a way to make myself feel good, as a way to believe myself to being a good person that feels bad for deceiving others, when in fact any dollar that moves in the current system is deceptive, thus, there is no escaping it - the only moral thing to do is change the system so that no one needs to deceive to survival and that the system is designed in such a way that it supports all equally and provides for all their requirements for a dignified and satisfied life
I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that not all have the luxury of being moral about what they do for a living, and thus, that implies that the point of morality doesn't stand in equality, because only those that are already part of the elite can afford to have the inner conflict of morality and be picky about what to do or not do for a living - within these words I realize that any point of morality is just that, a point of inner conflict, as a mind construct, creating inner conflict and friction to produce more energy for the mind to thrive on, thus consuming the physical body as the resource for the mind's energy as the mind mines the physical for it's own survival - using morality as a point of "feeling good and positive" as to lure self into participation - thus, I stop! I realize morality is a scheme to create a positive energetic feeling and thus divert ones attention from he fact that the entire system in which we exist in and participate in is far from moral, and within it all being interconnected, ones morality is deceptive as they exist in the belief that they are not participating in the injustice of the system, when in fact we all are participating and creating it, not one of us can be excluded from the equation - thus, the only way can ensure that one doesn't have blood on their hands, is to bring about a system that support all life equally, that the system is constructed in designed in such a way that the individual will not have to decide between a moral and non moral jobs, because under the constitution only moral jobs will be allowed - as suggested in the Equal Money System - thus, I realize that until such a system is in place there is no point in participating in the minds diversion as morality, but to ensure that one is stable within oneself, here in the physical, doing what needs to be done to set oneself free of the mind's control and limitation, so that once and for all self can be trusted with life as life.

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