Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 96 - Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

I continue my investigation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as i have started in my previous blog, Day 95 - Will there ever be Peace in the Middle East, and will continue in the blogs to come – I realize I have never actually investigated this point, I have always only heard bits and pieces, and I am now taking responsibility and committing myself to educate myself on the topic.

I just watched the documentary "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land"- you must watch it!!!

It shows how Israel is using public relations tactics as a form of mind control to influence and manipulate the public's opinion, to gain legitimacy and approval to what is being accepted and allowed within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They show very clearly in the film how the media is controlled and thus, extremely bias, how they use specific words to create a pro-Israeli opinion. It's amazing to see how we are being manipulated all the time and we accept it, because unless we actually intentionally look to cross reference the information, and look for contradicting opinion, and look for the manipulation within what is being said, we will blindly eat it up, and then believe it to be our own opinion/belief, and we will fight for it and defend it, not realizing it has been planted into our minds using different technics of mind control, as we are being used for other's agendas that we are not aware of, because we didn't take the time to actually, unconditionally, investigate.

A few points of mind control were shown in this film in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

  1. The media is deliberately disregarding the lives of the Palestinians - when an Israeli dies at the war, they show their families, they make it into a tragedy, but when Palestinians die, they rarely say their name, they just say a number, and even if it is a few dozen, they will say "just a few dozen Palestinian", like they are meaningless, like they don't count. We must realize that it is designed, planned and calculated, they want us to disregard the fact that these are human beings, just like us, with families, friends, hobbies… it's a constant and deliberate act of dehumanizing the Palestinians, as the media places more value on the live of the Israeli, and as we are exposed to this time and time again we accept it to be true. We are being desensitized by the media and we are allowing it.
  2. The use of words is a major part of the propaganda, as we are being brainwashed through the specific words being used to create within ourselves a desired point of view that we believe to be our own, but in fact we are being fed it. The media influences and thus manipulates our minds into seeing reality as they paint it for us, and as the repeat these words over and over they manage to make us believe it, and thus without our noticing they alter our grasp of reality. Two example that were given in the film: one is how the media had changed the description of the occupied territory Gilo into "neighborhood Gilo" thus, creating an impression that the violence and attacks by the Palestinians are taking place in a nice peaceful Israeli neighborhood, when in fact it in an illegal settlement, in illegal and occupied territory, and the second is where they use the word terrorist to describe pretty much everything and anything that is related to Palestinians, and here this has many levels of deception, because it is portraying the Palestinians as evil monsters, that are motivated by hate, and it's is creating a blinding screen to the fact that they are fighting for their land, they are fighting for a peaceful, respectful, quiet life, it is disregarding the fact that they are existing under a military regime and are being oppressed on a daily basis. The situation is described as the Palestinians are the terrorists, while the Israelis are merely defending themselves. Showing only a partial picture as they are not showing the actual and total time line within all it's dimensions.
  3. Within an agenda to create more fear and more separation, the media is determined to focus on how to create more anxiety as they show the situation escalade and deteriorate, on the other hand, they are avoiding showing any signs of cooperation, any signs of the possibility to coexist, there are many organizations/groups of Israelis and Palestinians working together on projects, on solutions, creating relationships as humans, not as sworn enemies. Images like these do not make it to the news/media, as they might allow us to see that maybe not all Palestinians are monsters, maybe there can be negotiations because they want the same thing we do, to live peacefully, safely and freely

I've come to realize that only within the principle of equality, within realizing that all are one and equal and thus the most beneficial way of action must be to support all life equally, because it would mean we are all taken care of, we all take care of each other, we all join forces and together as a unified force create a heaven for all of us on this earth that we share - within realizing this, and walking this principle we will be able to see more clearly the manipulation being done on us - because it is always done in self interest, and it is creating fear and separation. If we would understand and realize equality it would be much harder to fool us, because anything that doesn't support all life must have a hidden agenda for some to benefit at the expense of others, as long as we don't realize equality and continue believing we are separate and enemies, we will believe anything that gives us power, power to control, to abuse, to have the upper hand, because we exist in fear - and this is what they are counting on, that's why it's up to us to take self responsibility and deliberately will ourselves to realize equality, that is the only way to free ourselves from the enslavement we have allowed ourselves to exist as. But, most of us prefer to be ignorant, prefer to be followers, prefer to believe they are taking care of our interests while they are only taking care of their owns.

More exploration in the next blog, stay tuned

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