Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 95 - Will there ever be Peace in the Middle East

Within my process of developing critical thinking, I have been looking, in the past few days, at what has been going on is Israel/Gaza. This is what I found thus far as an overview of the situation. In the next blogs I will further my investigation to go deeper into each point, for more specificity and clarity.

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A few days ago a war started up again in Israel, the Israelis are shooting at the Palestinians and the Palestinians are shooting at the Israelis, both sides are justifying themselves with the common fraise we all are very much familiar with from childhood "but they started it".

I was surprised to see the comments and talk-backs coming from the Israeli side, so much hatred towards the Palestinians, completely disregarding the fact that they are living human beings who deserve to live a life of fulfillment and security, as we all do, as any living creature does, but the fear and hatred has been brainwashed into our minds through the media to such an extent, that the fact that there are human beings, children, on the other side, is completely overlooked. not to mention the un balanced forces comparing the strong Israeli army of and the Palestinians as the Israelis have air force and defense methods while the Palestinians are basically bare and exposed…

Israel is coming close to election time, and all the politicians are using this war as part of their campaign, one must ask oneself, how much of the timing of this war was accidental or specifically planed to manipulate the people, to get in more votes… through what I see being posted on Facebook, and talk backs on articles, it seams like most of the Israeli people are supporting the war and are applauding it, all are so proud of the Israeli army, and showing off the new weapons.

Now here is another interesting point, the Israeli weapon industry had developed this new war toy, the "Iron Dome" and has been using it proudly in this war to protect the Israeli people from the Palestinian's missiles, it seams to me that this war has been made into a marketing event, showing off the new gadget and testing it out in a live battle, for all the world to see - on the first page of CNN website, they didn't discuss the war, they discussed the "Iron Dome", the new toy that Israel is so proud of, like a free advertisement campaign for the potential buyers to see

Another point to consider, that was mentioned in the Israeli news is that the Hamas leader, Ahmed Jabari, that was assassinated, which is what got this war started, was actually in the process of negotiating for a peaceful settlement, not to say that it would necessarily have brought about peace in the middle east, but it's a certainty that without talking and negotiating, no peace will ever be an option - so it looks like Jabari was assassinated to prevent any peaceful deliberation, apparently peace cannot be accepted because war is economically a good decision, so peace would not be a wise economical choice

Which is another crazy point, I mean, already so much of the Israeli budget goes to defense and military, it's not like the war is actually making the country's budget any bigger with a greater money flow for what actually matters to bring about a worthy living experience for the people, by supporting education/health/infrastructure, no, the budget goes mostly to the military / security, thus only the few will actually benefit financially from this war, and the rest of the people pay taxes, while they have to find shelter to hide from the fire

I for one, do not support this war. I support communication and negotiation, I support doing whatever it takes to create allies and not enemies, I mean, the situation has been escalating and escalating for years, because we are not stopping it, because we are only blaming the other side, not trusting the possibility that peace can ever be achieved, and not for one moment taking responsibility in seeing how we, on each side, are the cause of the problem and thus are responsible for the situation, to find what we can do to make a difference, instead of only blaming and pointing fingers and waiting for the other side to make a move

So what is this war really about?

It's about who will get elected, because the Israeli people have been brainwashed with fear and blame to such an extent that when there is war they see it as a good thing - so here is the construct of blame and fear

It's about money, as any war is about money, and in this case specifically, it's that much more clear, due to this new piece of equipment that is being publicly displayed and promoted - and here the construct of greed

I will continue investigating this point in my next blog

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Eleonora Gozzini said...

Not to mention that here was ONLY Palestine until 60 years ago and that the Palestinians lived there which is just missed every time Israelis explain the why and the hows they hate the Palestinians so much. It seems that unless they hate them they would be reminded of what they have done because unfortunately there was a 'you started' in this war and there better be a 'we stop it', nevertheless I am not so sure about the Palestinian crimes according to Israel, one for sure is that They Exist, that is a freaking crime against Israel, the next is that they can't let go, possibly this is their biggest crime, if they only knew where to go uprooting their families and leaving all behind maybe they should move on. I saw a great documentary called "Jaffa the Orange's clockwork" about how it all came about, power of marketing and memory manipulation and voila Israel was born. For sure the point of war for marketing is real and the ludicrous advantage in artillery and support is real too. One of my Jewish friends told me he had an idea, he would write a book to say that the only way out was to give back the land, apologize, explain they were traumatized -the 'errant Jews'- and they needed to rest somewhere after 2nd world war, but they should go back to being the Nomads that they were and then he said 'you would see then how everyone would open the doors to the Israelis and give them some land somewhere'. I want to point out that my friend was not on drug or an alcoholic, he believed that this was the Way to the resolution of this conflict, worth considering? No Clue, just sharing

Anonymous said...

History tells that the Jews occupied Palestine in biblical times. It was subsequently over-run by Egyptians, Byzantines, Ottomans etc etc etc and the Jews were banished from their lands. Ownership / rulership changed many times over the years. The region was taken over by the muslims in approx 636 CE. No matter who started this conflict, it takes two sides to keep it going, and is not helped by other parties providing money and weapons to both sides.

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