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Day 117 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Introduction

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I was always interested in physics, I thought that through physics I will find the truth about reality at the most basic level of how everything works, as it is a science that is dedicated to understand nature within the entity of the universe, to discover the behavior of matter and energy, I thought it's goal was to find a simple set of equations that will describe our reality in it's totality. I was wrong.


I decided to study physics as my major in the university and was immediately disappointed at the fact that there is not emphases on philosophy, on the deep questions of the universe, it seemed like all the studies were dedicated to understand how objects, in our reality, behave, but there was no intention to actually understand everything within the totality of our existence which would include humanity as part of existence and thus a valid part of the physics research. There was no consideration to the fact that humanity is in fact a part of the research field that is being studied, there was no attempt to connect the human experience to the science of physics and thus there was no intention to derive any conclusions from physics to the benefit of humanity within taking the human experience as the mind into consideration. I remember thinking to myself that as long as human behavior and consciousness is not taken into consideration in this magnificent science, we will never find the ultimate equations, as what has been described as the "theory of everything"as the attempt to find a theory that would unify or explain through a single model the theories of all fundamental interactions and of all particles of nature, a model that will answer all questions - which is what I thought physics was about - though I now realize that most major scientists have lost hope and are willing to compromise within the belief that such a model does not exist or cannot be revealed.


I've extracted some quotes from professor Stephen Hawking's lecture "Godel and the End of the Universe" - these specific quotes are aligned with my approach to physics, showing that we could have interpreted the science of physics differently and could have thus come to different conclusions if we had focused our attention and research on these points that will be presented in the quotes below - for those of you who want to read the entire article, it can be found here, and for those of you who are not interested, I have highlighted the main sentence I am referring to within the quote.


The following two quotes are here as an examples that the connection between physics and consciousness as human behavior has been made from several aspects in physics:


In relation to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle:

“One can therefore claim that there is still determinism but it is determinism on a reduced level. Instead of being able accurately to predict two quantities, position and velocity, one can predict only a single quantity, the wave function. We have re-defined determinism to be just half of what Laplace thought it was. Some people have tried to connect the unpredictability of the other half with consciousness.”


In relation to Maxwell's equations of light and the relativistic wave equation:

“… So in principle, we ought to be able to predict human behavior...”


What I came to realize is that through out the history of physics the connections between the field of physics to the field of consciousness as human behavior were always evident, as presented in the quotes above, but these attempts have been brushed aside and ignored as the main stream scientific community is far from perusing this venue. In my three years of studying physics, not once has consciousness or any aspect of the connection between physics and the human behavior/experience, been brought up for discussion.


Stephen Hawking in his lecture shares that the main motivation of physicists: "the real reason we are seeking a complete theory, is that we want to understand the universe and feel we are not just the victims of dark and mysterious forces…

He then continues to describe another theorem and shares, what I find to be a contradiction within the very essence of the physics field as he declares that: But we are not angels, who view the universe from the outside. Instead, we and our models are both part of the universe we are describing. Thus a physical theory is self referencing... The theories we have so far are both inconsistent and incomplete.


I can't help but detect a form of deception presented within his words, as there seems to be a contradiction, or better yet a gap between the declaration and the practicality - what I see within this is that we as physicists, as scientists, have declared that we want to understand the universe while being well aware of the obvious fact that we are a part of it. Yet, we will not consider investigating ourselves, as humanity, as part of the research within the physics discipline. Further more, we will not consider using the valuable findings, from even the most basics physics research, in order to expand our understanding of humanity through extracting the knowledge from the insight of the physics research, within the starting point of actually incorporating it into the investigation of human behavior in order to effect, influence and improve the human experience within the physical existence which we are a part of.


I realize now that studying physics in the university is not about understanding the universe, or getting insight into human behavior through real physical scientific research, or even about developing critical scientific thinking - it's mostly about learning and understanding the existent knowledge from the starting point which it already exists within, as if to support the accepted limitations that the science of physics exists within - even if a student will continue to a higher degree of research, the goal would then be to try and find some small aspect of an already existing theory to explore further. It seems to me that the scientific community is not inclined to find new theories or perspectives that will include human nature, behavior and the human experience in the equations of the universe, they have left that to the study of Psychology and other human studies, which I find ridicules, because - our reality is one, it is not actually divided into academic disciplines, and thus it should be our goal to unite all disciplines in order to really understand our reality .


Something I've learnt through walking my masters degree in education, is that all academic and scientific research is directed by the research question, and then the result is subject to the interpretation of the scientist. What this means is that if you change the question you will get a different answer, and if you change the starting point from which you interpret the results you will come to different conclusions.


I will show, in the blogs to come, that all the findings that have been discovered in the history of physics, can be looked at through a different starting point, a starting point of supporting humanity within our human experience and our relationship to ourselves and the reality in which we exist in, I will show that if we look at the physics findings through the lens of equality, as is suggested by the Desteni Process, they will point as well in the direction of equality, showing that equality is the principle in which reality exists by, and thus, is the solution and answer we have been searching for - it has always been here and has always been overlooked - to do so I will discuss several physical equations and principles and will relate them to the Desteni Process, through interpreting them slightly differently, and thus deriving different conclusions, within this showing that if only we would change the lens through which we view our reality, as changing our starting point, we would see that the “theory of everything” is already here, as the principle of equality and oneness as what is best for all.


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Marlen V said...

Great, clear explanation, thanks Maya!

Unknown said...

I spend some time in the university long time ago and yes it's exactly how you describe it here. I'm jumping to your next blog, thanks

Gabriël Zamora Moreno said...

Looking forward to more

Andi said...

Cool Read, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome presentation and commentary here, thanks Maya! The questions and perspectives shared here assist as they offer a view less seen and truly inspiring.

Kelly Posey said...

Yes we have failed to consider ourselves and our effect on reality, always observing the world as if we aren't even here/part of it, truly bizarre, and of course that will lead to incorrect interpretations. Appreciate the common sense you've shared here, looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maya,

a very interesting exopsition...

Psychology disciplines also work by the same logic you describe...

keep your eyes on the prize,


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