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Day 118 - Physics and the Desteni Process – Newton's First Law of Motion - the Principle of Inertia

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physics118 The science of physics exists within the goal to investigate and describe the physical reality in it's totality. In the following series of blogs I will go through the basic and most known laws and principles of physics - I will explain them briefly and then will show that which hasn't been considered within the interpretation of these laws - I will be investigating physics within the starting point of equality and oneness, and will attempt to show the connections and realization that we can derive from it and use it as valid insight into the understanding and support of our human experience, within this I will show the alignment of the laws of physics to the Desteni Process - one must wonder why, through out our history, these simple connections, understandings and realizations have been overlooked by the scientific community and society as a whole.
Let's have a look at Newton's laws of motion, as you may know Newton, among other great discoveries, has discovered three basic and simplistic laws of motion.
In todays blog, I will start with Newton's first law of motion, also known as the principle of inertia - I will explain the law, then I will discuss the desteni process for context, and then will show the connection between the two.
Newton's First law of motion - the principle of inertia
This law is about change, or more accurately - the resistance to change. Newton had found that within each body/object there is an inner force called inertia. Inertia is defined as the ability of a body/object, to resist change in motion, to preserve it's present state of motion. Fascinatingly enough, the word inertia is derived from Latin word, iners, which actually means laziness, so one could say that inertia reflects the amount of laziness in an object - In other words the object wants to continue doing what it's been doing, if it was at rest it wants to continue resting, and if it was moving it wants to maintain it's velocity, it wants to move at the same speed and the same direction as it was.
This force of inertia is found within/as the mass of the body/object, so the mass of an object reflects the amount of resistance the body has to change it's velocity, whether speed or direction - one can say that any body/object has an inner "desire" to remain constant in it's velocity, the amount/size of this desire is quantified by the amount of mass an object has - this is referred to as inertial mass.
Derived from the principle of inertia, Newton's first law of motion states that without an external force, the object's inner force as inertia will allow it to maintain it's present state, and more specifically, if the sum of all the forces exerted upon an object cancel each other out, the object will stay in a state of inertia, in a constant velocity - this law goes in both directions of reason - if an object is moving in a constant velocity, thus, in a constant speed and in a straight line, that would mean that all the forces exerted on the body cancel each other out, and are equivalent to zero. To even further simplify, Newton's first law indicates : no force = no change.
Newton's first law of motion is described mathematically in the following equation:
F = 0
Where: F - Force, v - velocity, t - time
It simply states, that if the sum of all forces is equivalent to zero, then there will be no change in velocity through time.
The Desteni Process
The desteni process is a process of self change within the principle of equality and oneness. Each one that has made the decision to start walking the Desteni Process is now in the process of exploring themselves through establishing self trust in self honesty within discovering who self really is in order to take self responsibility and become the directive principle of self, to live as self expression in support of all life in equality, within making a directive decision as who self chose to be and change self to become it.
The Desteni Process is a process one walk for oneself, as oneself, within the self realization that until now we have never known who we are because we have existed in separation of ourselves, and thus have never known how and why we do what we do, feel what we feel, think what we think - we have never known ourselves yet, we have accepted this bundle of reactions as who we are - we have accepted it as who we are even though we have never been the directive principle of our experience and reality - we have allowed ourselves to be directed by our mind, as we have allowed our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas and all other mind components to dictate to us what we do / think / feel and basically define to ourselves who we are - but have we ever considered asking ourselves - if this really is who we are, why are we not directing ourselves, and if it isn't who we are than what the hell is directing us?
We have been existing in separation from ourselves, and within that have existed within inequality as we have not been equal to ourselves as our minds, we have allowed our mind to be the directive principle as we have been sitting in the passenger seat, being enslaved to it.
Within the Desteni Process one start looking and investigating oneself within self honesty - where self honesty is crucial because what we have believed ourselves to be, we will find, has all been a lie, as it is based on an idea, a self created personality, an illusion - and now, once we start seeing this, we start a process of self change - we change ourselves from who we have existed as within our acceptance of the mind being our directive principle, into actual living beings, we rebirth ourselves as beings that support ourselves as life and all life in equality, we rebirth ourselves into beings of self respect and self honor, and we do so within realizing that without the mind limiting and separating us we are all in fact one and equal.
How do the two connect and What we can learn about ourselves from Newton's first law of motion?
The desteni process is a process of self change and within walking it we will all experience the resistance to change, just as an object resists change - both objects and humans resist change - change isn't something that we willingly and easily want to do - we will all make up excuses and find justifications to remain as we are, to not have to change, we will manipulate ourselves through allowing ourselves to change within a small point while hiding from ourselves the big point that we are holding onto within self interest and will resist changing ourselves within it, a point we have invested ourselves emotionally into and have defined ourselves by.
Thus, the first point to understand is that change is difficult, there is an inherent resistance towards change within everything in reality as Newton's first law shows us, thus, we mustn't be hard on ourselves, we must realize that each point we will work on within this process has it's own "inertial mass" that will resist change, and we must then realize that some points will be more difficult to change than others depending on their "inertial mass" - but how do we equate "inertial mass" to our process? It obviously isn't about actual mass as body weight, so what is the equivalent to "inertial mass" within the human experience?
To my surprise, as I was looking and investigating this question I realized that the answer to this question exist within the physics equations as well, within one of the most famous equations: E=mc^2 . This equation (which I will not go into just yet) shows that energy and mass are interchangeable, and this is the answer to my question - as energy is the "inertial mass" within the human experience that resists our change.
What I mean by energy is any emotional reaction we hold towards anything in our reality / experience, the "emotional baggage" we have towards something whether its towards another human being, an even or a thought in our mind. Looking within self honesty, you will realize that we all experience this emotional energy on a daily basis.
The accumulation of emotional energy towards a point will make it "heavier" within us and thus more resistance to change - the more we think of a point, the more we entertain ourselves with it, we give it energy - you can look at a scenario of accumulating emotional energy, as anger, towards someone over a period of time, accumulating memories, ideas, beliefs, blame, justifications - all existing within an emotional energetic charge. Now, compare that to being angry at someone for something that happened in the moment - which would be easier to breathe through and direct, which will stay with you for longer, which will you continue energizing, making it bigger and bigger in your minds - yes, the one that had more "inertial mass", more emotional baggage, as energy - within this, there is an interesting point to realize, that the point / pattern / thought within us has an "inertial mass" to it as the emotional energy we have given it, yet, we have the power within us to give it more energy as we participate with in, or stop giving it energy, breathing through it, grounding it, investigating it and not allowing it to direct us.
The process of change will happen within walking through the resistance of change, but we now know what gives the resistance it's power, what is the quantity of "inertial mass" within it, and thus we can direct ourselves within awareness to stop feeding it energy, as we have discovered that emotional energy is the force of resistance to change.
Another point to consider, is that we must realize that whenever we think about something we are giving it energy, and thus creating more "inertial mass" for the specific thought/point and for the mind in general - this is what the law of attraction is based on - give more energy to your positive thoughts and make them more powerful, more forceful than your negative ones and you will live a positive life with positive manifestation - what they have not considered is that all energy within the mind is basically the same, judging anything being positive or negative is just an outcome of our programing within the society we exist in, the experiences we had, and the interpretations we gave it- in the bottom line, the mind in it's totality resists change, it resists the self change we are walking towards, thus all the mind wants is to fuel itself up with energy, to become "heavier", to have more "inertial mass" - thus, it is within the interest of the mind for you to participate and feed the positive energy within you, but what you are actually doing is creating more "inertial mass" for the mind, and thus making it harder for you to change as self expression, and to free yourself from the enslavement of the mind.
Because have a look, a "positive thinker" is still bound to their mind, and thus, exist as an organic robot, a slave, not a living expression of themselves as life, not living in this reality within equality and oneness to all that is here, but is isolating themselves in their mind - so the experience might be a good one, and the good experience is used as justification to continue feeding the positive thoughts with more positive energy - this is why the mind prefers positive people, because just like within the economic system, those that have a positive economic experience, justify it, and will not allow themselves to see the abuse that is allowed within humanity through the very system that is providing for them their wealth - so the mind wants you to be happy so you don't threaten it, so you don't change and free yourself from it's enslavement.
This is a crucial point and I will further expand on it, but as of now it's important to realize that feeding the mind with either positive or negative energy is the same thing, both polarities feed the mind with emotional energy, and make it stronger, heavier, and thus make it harder for ourselves to walk the process of self change - as practical application you can investigate this for yourself, stop participation within the energy of the mind, stop the thoughts that come up, don't fuel them with emotional energy, support yourself as life through stopping your participation with thoughts, beliefs, judgments, ideas, emotions, reactions and allow yourself to get out of the energy of the mind and back to the physical reality within breath.

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Marlen V said...

Absolutely Awesome Maya, thanks
"energy is the "inertial mass" within the human experience that resists our change."

Great explanation, looking forward on what's to come.

Lindsay Craver said...

Very cool!

Gabriël Zamora Moreno said...

Very cool insights here - thanks Maya

kimamourette said...

awesome, thanx!

A Woman said...

Very interesting Stuff! thanks

Joe Kou said...

awesome insight and clarity - this brings in a fresh perspective on the process that we are walking and definitely raises some cool insights as i reflect on this point of 'inertia' and energy and how we can practically apply this concept when we investigate what 'inertia' we are creating, holding on to, and allowing ourselves to be influenced by - looking forward to reading more.

Martijn de Graaf said...

cool analogy

Kristina's Walk to Freedom said...

This is very cool Maya - thanks for the support!

Sylvie Jacobs said...

Extremely supportive Maya! I did a blog on inertia as well. Not so specific of course, but I am taking a look at it again with your details here.

I wrote a quite funny SF on inertia - "I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to find inertia the most frustrating thing I ever experienced instead of standing equal and one to inertia to be able to stand within it." And SF on frustrations on my partner's inertia dûh ;)

Thanks so much and indeed enjoying your clear and simple explantions!

Agnieszka said...

Thanks for this blog and the blogs to come Maya

El camino a la vida de una artista said...

Wow great blog really cool!!!!!

Unknown said...

Coming out of the shroud of idiotic belief and practice is equal to tearing the 'maaya'. Maaya means illusion, there is a modern term for this: virtual reality.

Wei Wu said...

Fascinating insight! Thanks for sharing them. Two points I would like to comment (1) In strict scientific terms inertia is not a force per definitionb although loosely speaking one can also call it a 'force'. (2) In Desteni language emotion refers to specifically the negative polarity while feeling refers to the positive polarity. The term emotional energy used in your article is actually referring to both the positive energy and negative energy thus it would be better to specify the term emotional energy so that one does not only take it as the negative energy though your discussion on 'positive thinker' provided more context for what you are referring to as the emotional energy.

Wei Wu said...

The second law of motion viewed from the lens of equality and oness I guess would be stating that the Self-willed Force is proportional the accelartion of self-change!

Christos Mermigas said...

I was looking for something like that - clear, simple and interrelating :)
In addition you answered one of my concerns regarding the whole purpose of blogging and documenting the whole process.
Thank you x2 ! :)

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