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Day 122 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Newton's Second Law of Motion - Forces

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I have been discussing forces in the past few blogs, and I realized that I haven't yet defined what is force sufficiently. a force is some form of an influence, as impact within the interaction of two or more masses that causes any form of change to take place - though a force can be emitted without any apparent change taking place and that would mean that the force wasn't effective, maybe not strong enough to over come inertia or other forces in play, or was not pushing in the "right" direction - Newton's definition of force is that which causes a mass to create a specific change as acceleration - this definition relates to another concept in physics - "work", where a force is said to be doing "work" when it results in the movement of the mass in the direction of the force, in a way, work is defined through the "success" of the force to "do it's job" as to influence the mass within movement (I will expand more on work in a separate blog to come) - so what is force?
As I see it, regardless the outcome of the interaction, in any interaction, in any point of contact, in any form of communication - exists force. I've been trying to look at it from the perspective of cause and effect, but due to all masses being subject to forces, and all forces being subject to other external forces, I found myself lost in infinity - as I was investigating the point I came to realize that the force is both the cause and the effect, the starting point and the consequence, of every interaction and every relationship, which is actually everything - because everything exists within relationships and interactions - any interaction would be caused by a force, and will result in a force, so reality is swirling from a force to an interaction, to a force to an interaction into infinity.
clip_image001To make what I'm saying more clear, imagine a time-line shaped like a spring as the image, now imagine that every loop in the spring is isolated, so it would now look like we have many isolated rings - this is what we do in physics as we define a "closed system", as if it is in a way separated from the rest of existence, and investigate it as an isolated system, as an isolated ring, we isolate the experiment to any external forces, or take into consideration some external forces such as gravity and include it to the system, but we do this within the assumption that systems can be isolated - this is another hidden assumption made by the scientific community, that I for one have never really questioned before, but if you look at it, it cannot be taken for granted that systems can be isolated, because everything in existence is inter-connected, so any attempt to isolate a system is already distancing itself from the actuality of that which is here, as all in existence interact with everything else, thus nothing can really be isolated.
In each isolated ring the scientists can cause a force as a cause and then investigate it's effect on the isolated/closed system and masses within it. But when we re-connect the rings to return to their initial form of a spring we will see what I have stated above – Have a look, you can start with placing a force at any point on the spring, the force through interaction will effect the mass into acceleration, or will influence it in some form, and as the result of the interaction, at the end of the loop, we will have another force, that then begins a new loop, and so on and so forth.
To explain the point further let's go back to Newton's second law of motion F=ma – I will give an example, within this example I will define the mass, the force and the acceleration specifically. Which brings up another point to consider, in which physics had defined mass as basically passive and a very simplistic and constant property, here I will open up further the definition of mass within considering more properties it might have.
Lets have a look at mass media, as a form of interaction that comes from one source and reaches the masses (have you ever noticed that many people are called masses? An interesting use of words) - the media is exerting force onto us as it influences us through our interaction with it, lets' investigate the equation - the mass would be the information, the acceleration is the application of this information by the media as new articles or any platform the media uses to move its' mass, and thus accelerate the information, in turn it creates a force as we are influenced by it to believe certain things, to go out and protest, to feel in a certain way, and you can consider the accumulated amount of force the media is exerting in order to influence so many points of mass, as the masses - through our interaction with the media we are forced, not by our directive principle, to move, we don't know why or how the force of the media influenced us, yet we are influenced, and then as we take our interpretation of the information, and make it into another point of mass, and accelerate it through our application - if we read something that we interpret as offensive we will write a comment to the editor, or if we saw a sale on a product we like, we will buy it on the next run to the mall, or even initiate an un planed run to the mall - we were influenced by the force created by our interaction with the media, to create a mass of our own as interpretation which now hold an energetic experience to it that we didn't ask for, thus we didn't direct it as ourselves - we were forced into it, and we act on it as we accelerate it within our application and give it motion, thus, through this we create a force as the outflow of our actions, as the influence our actions will have on reality.
In this example I walked through two connected rings - the media as a force exerted on the masses, influences the masses through acceleration it's own mass as information, and then as a result, we create a point of mass as our interpretation and reaction to the forces exerted upon us by the media, and accelerate the mass through our actions which creates another point of interaction and thus force and so on - in order to investigate the entire spring and not just look at the isolated rings, we must investigate what are the forces that were exerted on the media to set it's mass into action, and then go back to the forces that were exerted on those forces and so on…
Information is one property of mass, another property would be for instance memories, as we accumulate memories as mass and then as we apply these memories into action we create a force. A simple every day example exists in all our relationships, as we hold on to memories of scenarios that happened in the past within our relationship to another, we put the memory into acceleration when we tap into it and direct ourselves according to it – if i have a memory of my boyfriend cheating on me, every time i will tap into that memory i will feel betrayed and act on my feelings, thus accelerate the memory through my application.
Through the spring analogy it's actually interesting to see that as we live our lives accumulating memories and putting them into action as acceleration, the force we are exerting will be equal to the starting point - and thus we create the same experiences over and over and thus accumulate more of the same memories to justify to ourselves that we were right to believe and hold on to that memory as saying to ourselves "here, it happened again", not realizing that through holding on to the memory as the mass of ourselves, we accelerate the memories through applying them, participating with them, and believing them to be valid and true, and thus we create a force that is equal to them, and thus repeat the experience over and over.
An interesting point within the law of equality, as the natural law, is that the outcome will always reflect the starting point, and since we are walking our existence on an endless spring, we are, in every moment, living the consequences of the forces that were exerted upon us, and we as a result continue with the same line of force. What this means is that we don't really have to go back in time and actually know all the details of the forces that were in play for us to have reached this point, because the spring will keep repeating itself - it would thus be sufficient to investigate all that is here at this moment, within self honesty, in order to come to the conclusion of the "type" of forces that were in play, through investigating what exists within and as our reality we can conclude the "type" forces exerted over and over – were these forces aligned with the natural force, the law of balance that allows life to exist, or where they aligned with the forces of self interest as the forces that disregard life as all that is here.
We have been looking at the force as the starting point, as the source. I suggest investigating the possibility that the force exerted will be dependent of the property of the mass - I have defined the mass thus far as energy, information and memory - mass from this perspective is any form of substance, a substance can be an idea, a belief, a memory, knowledge, an energetic reaction, anything we hold onto as "emotional baggage" - while the property of the mass indicated who we are, as what we are equal to and one with through our participation - we can conclude that if we believe we are applying ourselves as mass into acceleration and do not have an impact or do not influence reality in the way we intended - we must revisit our starting point within investigating the property of ourselves as the mass, as our force is proven to be ineffective - at this point we can push harder and harder but without considering what it is that we are pushing, as the mass, as who we are, we might never resolve the problem and reach the desired solution. If the force that we are exerting is causing conflict and friction in our world and our reality, we must consider that the property of our mass, as who we are, is not aligned with the forces of nature, and thus we must change ourselves to become one with nature as all that is here, to correct our mass to have the properties of life, as the properties of equality, and within such properties we will be aligned with the forces of balance, as the force of nature, and will thus apply ourselves as acceleration into a direction that is best for all life.
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