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Day 121 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Scientific Paradigm

This blog is a part of a blog series “physics and the Desteni Process”
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I have moved the physics blog series to a separate blog :
Yesterday, in my blog, I walked an argument, step by step, in common sense, and showed, that the scientific notion, that mass is passively subject to forces around it, indicates that there is a higher power, a law of nature, a god, an external force that is directing existence - but immediately I disregarded it because it doesn't coincide with my belief system as I have never believed there is a god, so how can I allow myself to prove it's existence?
I realize that what I have done is in alignment with how science has always allowed itself to be, as scientists could only ever prove that which is in alignment with their belief system, instead of looking at the facts as the physical evidence and not influence the experiment with ideas and beliefs . Thomas Kuhn, described this phenomena in "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", he explains that we have always existed within a dominant Paradigm, an agreed and accepted model of reality, accepted through being proven by experiments, but it's not just that we are confined to the realm of knowledge that we have been able to discover through valid experimentation, Kuhn explains that the Paradigm itself, as the model we use to view reality by, has been based and constructed on preconceptions which embody hidden assumptions and elements which cannot be directly seen. And thus he shows that science has always been confined to the limitation of the accepted preconceptions, yet had been presented through the experiments it held, making it seem valid as the ultimate truth, more than it actually ever was, not revealing the hidden assumptions that the whole pile of cards was standing on.
It was fascinating because I saw myself do it as I was doing it. I actually surprised myself with the common sense line of reason I was going by but then I allowed myself to react to the conclusion I ended up with - I allowed myself to follow my reaction, as I allowed the force of the reaction to direct me, as I allowed myself to be subject to external forces instead of remaining here, as directive principle, stable within awareness and simply continue to follow the equation in common sense.
The following part is extracted from my previous blog, I have highlighted the points I recognize as the points of reaction, as well as the points of self conflict as I'm not in alignment with myself because I was writing out of fear, trying to hide what I had just found and only show what I wanted to show to begin with, in a way I mock my own findings instead of allowing myself to investigate them purely, as a true scientist:
“The idea that mass is a passive object creates a paradox that can be solved either through the acceptance of a god almighty or some other external mystery force that is the sole director of this reality, or by accepting the idea that the mass is it's own directive principle and that everything in reality is self responsible…”
here I don’t allow myself to see that the two points can, and do, exist simultaneously, and don’t contradict each other as I initially feared, as I clearly show later in the post, we are in fact subject to external forces, so there is no point in denying it, nor placing value or judgment over it – it simply is what is here.
“As far as I see it there are three options, 1) there is a god that is directing everything, and making us do the scientific experiments that we do, and is in fact the directive principle and the sole responsible for all that is here - I see this as a great way to bale out of taking responsibility”
here again I am trapped in the notion that the option that there is a god must be debunked and thus i do not see that the to conclusions that did not have a simplistic common sense argument against them, must be equally investigated and might be equally valid, as they seam to be now, when looking at it with fresh eyes. but see here how instead of giving a valid argument i mock the idea, and continue on as if it was valid.
“or 3) everything has awareness, equally, but we have all abdicated our responsibility of ourselves and of reality as existence as a whole, thus we must self realize, we must find ourselves within ourselves within the physical as the physical - this is in essence the desteni process, a process of self empowerment so that we can be more than who we have accepted ourselves to be as enslaved to mysterious forces that are directing us”
here I can’t escape the point that I so wanted to disregard, though I am not aware that I’m using the argument that i was trying to push away.
“but rather investigate ourselves within the starting point of self honesty and realize that we are ourselves, and thus can realize ourselves as who we are, what we do, why we do it, so that within realizing this, we can become self aware and equalize ourselves to the forces that are as of yet exerted at us, and direct them as our own force, then all in existence can do the same equally, because we are all connected within the interactions that we exist in.”
here I am again, using the fact that there are forces exerted at us at the base of my argument, yet not allowing myself to admit it…
I am grateful this had happened, and I ask you to read this series of blogs using critical reasoning, question what I am saying, investigate for yourself, take responsibility for the information you are reading, not only here, but everywhere, and realize that I am learning this with you as i am walking this, so if you have any questions or clarifications, please write me a comment so that i can further investigate the point and clear it for both you and myself.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to allow my belief system to interfere and direct me instead of walking the common sense step by step and within self trust allowing myself to come to a conclusion that isn't based or tainted by my preconceptions but is a result of the step by step process of common sense that I have walked.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to the conclusion I came to as "there must be a higher power directing us" instead of allowing myself to remain stable and continue my investigation and trust myself within common sense that whatever I find is valid to be investigated and looked at, and not to be overlooked and brushed away out of fear.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that the conclusions I come to won't coincide with the point I am trying to make, that I will find a contradiction between the laws of physics and the desteni message, which up to now have proven to be aligned and thus I fear them not being, within this I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to trust myself that I will be able to overcome any contradiction through common sense within realizing the actual law that govern reality as equality and oneness, which is the solution to be realized in order to bring about a reality that is best for all, thus I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to doubt the basic law of reality as equality and oneness and within allowing myself to doubt within fear, I have allowed myself to alter the conclusions and thus compromising the research, instead of realizing that if equality and oneness is actually the law of reality, there would be no contradictions, and thus with further investigation I will find a way to walk the point step by step in common sense, thus I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by fear, fear which would be the cause for me to not find the specific steps but instead to jump over and skip, as the mind does, and thus to harm/compromise the research I am holding, thus I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed by my fears, not realizing the consequences of such actions as not having a valid research and thus compromising myself and the group of humanity as a whole.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold on to the desteni massage as a belief, instead of letting go the belief within self trust that whatever is here - is here, and thus if I find a contradiction instead of going into fear I go into further investigation to through investigating within self honesty to trust myself that what I find is valid, within realizing that if a point is walked in specificity and common sense without reaction as holding on to beliefs, within self honesty and consideration of that which is here as the physical reality - it will always be aligned with the forces of nature as what is here, aligned with the law of reality and thus, within self trust, within consistent and uncompromising investigation, I am sure to find what is here, what has always been here, as the truth of reality
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to allow my beliefs to influence myself and direct me, to then, within the reaction to the conclusion that I had come to, try and manipulate the information to say what I initially wanted to say, and thus have participated in presenting bias information as not presenting the simple facts within common sense step by step, but have allowed myself to alter the conclusions to fit my belief system within the self interest of not wanting my belief system to be compromised within not wanting myself to change within allowing the force of inertia, the resistance to change, to be greater and more powerful than me, instead of remaining here, within and as breath, as the directive principle of/as myself within self trust, and walk within/as breath, step by step.
I pause for a moment and investigate this statement "equality and oneness is the law that govern reality" - I investigate it to make sure I am not falling right back into a form of belief, but can prove this to myself within common sense, step by step - this law is actually very simplistic, what it means is that the cause will always be equal to the effect, the starting point will always be equal to the outflow, and the one cannot exist without the other, thus they are one, the same as any point of polarity that can only exist with the other side of the polarity existing equally, thus they both co-exist as one, and for balance to maintain they must be equal - and this is all is going on in this one reality, this one universe that we all share and co-exist, there is nothing in the universe that can be taken out of the equation in separation.
I commit myself to slow myself down within this investigation, and to not allow myself to alter the conclusions to fit my belief system, within this I commit myself to investigate the points until I am satisfied that all steps are aligned in common sense, as I realize that skipping steps and jumping to conclusions is a property of the mind, as the mind doesn't walk in a breath by breath movement, skipping steps is not aligned with physical forces as the forces of nature, as reality, within realizing that the physical, as the force of nature, as god, as the law that dictate all that is here, does not skip steps but follows the law of nature which is itself, and thus within common sense I realize that I can brake anything down and show all the steps of common sense in the equation and not be dependent on the mind and my belief system because I know all the answers and all the steps are here and thus can be exposed and discovered, if only I don't alter and manipulate the physical evidence to suit me in self interest.
I commit myself to if I see myself reacting to a point that I have reached through common sense, to investigate what am I holding on to, what set of beliefs I am not willing to let go, I commit myself to investigate the definition I have given god for example, in order to expand myself and allow myself to define whatever it is in alignment with what is here as the principle of equality and oneness, thus redefine if necessary in order to remain aligned with what is here as the physical, and the basic laws of nature.

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