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Day 119 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Newton's Third Law of Motion - Equal Force

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Newton's AppleIn my previous blog I discussed Newton's first law of motion, also known as the principle of inertia, showing how all things resist change, within this we've seen that the property that determine how much resistance an object will have is their "inertial mass" as the mass of the object, within the Desteni Process of self change, the "inertial mass" that will resist our self change is energy, as in how much energy / attention we give to our mind components as patterns / thoughts / beliefs, how much we are emotionally invested in our self beliefs and self definitions, how much value we give an idea / opinion - where the more "inertial mass", the more energy a pattern has, the more resistance it will have towards change. Newton's first law of motions tells us that without a force acting upon an object, the object will simply continue as it was - the same goes for us, without any force "pushing" us to change - we will not change, we will remain in our comfort zone, where the more energy, as "inertial mass", we have invested in a point/pattern/thought/idea, the more uncomfortable it will feel to move out of it.
In this blog I will discuss the concept of force
In physics, a Force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, it is done within the context of interactions, whenever objects interact they exert forces upon each other, thus an interaction is a relationship between forces. Our reality works within relationships, everything that we can see, describe or experience is created through relationships, and each relationship is connected by the forces involved within the interaction.
For a moment I will skip over Newton's second law of motions and start with the third law because there is an interesting point within it that has been overlooked, I'll clear this point up now, and then in future blogs will be able to reference back to it if necessary.
Newton's third law is a law of interaction and equality, it is presented as such:
FAB = the force object A is exerting on object B
FBA = the force object B is exerting on object A
What this simple equation means is that within the interaction of any two object, the force exerted by object A upon object B, is equal and opposite in direction (hence the minus sign in the equation) to the force that object B is simultaneously exerting on object A. the law is described as follows:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
What this means is, for example, when you are pushing against a wall, the wall is actually pushing you back in an equal force and in an opposite direction, and it makes sense because if there was nothing pushing you back, you would fall through the wall. When you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair, and feel like the chair is pushing you on a specific point, you are actually pushing that point against the chair.
We experience force being exerted upon us within a point of blame and self victimization, as if we are forced by the force, when actually, within looking at it self honestly, it really only shows us that we are exerting force onto it, this is a law that allows us to see our acceptances and participations, because, have a look, if I am in an uncomfortable position, where I am not enjoying the interaction, that would mean that I am participating and exerting force that is a key ingredient in the creation and stability of the uncomfortable situation as only through my participation within this equal and opposite force, can the other force which I blame, exist - thus my uncomfortablility from a perceptive of taking self responsibility is actually only due to my participation within the interaction, and not the responsibility of anything or anyone else in the equation.
What I find odd and unacceptable about the definition of this law is within the words "action" and "reaction", because it implies cause and effect, while in fact the two forces are being exerted simultaneously, thus it's only a matter of perception and interpretation to come to the conclusion that the one force is causing the activation of the other - the common accepted belief derived from the specific wording of Newton's third law definition is that the one is initially pushing the wall and only as a reaction the wall is pushing back - but in actuality it cannot be so, because it is happening simultaneously, there would be no physical and valid reason to assume that the one force is the "action" and the other is the "reaction" and not the other way around, yet the use of words within the definition indicates inequality, which is in complete contradiction to the basic equation, that actually implies equality. So, from my perspective, the greatness of this law has been overlooked and wrongly interpreted.
Despite this insight within FAB = - FBA which implies equality within each and every interaction, it has been agreed upon in the physics community that all calculations are done in respect to the forces acting on the body, and not in respect to the equal and opposite forces that the body is participating in - mathematically this wouldn't change a thing, it is merely a reflection of the point of view that the physics community is representing, as the scientific community is as well trapped in their own minds, not seeing the forces that are in play, not realizing the forces they are participating with and supporting, as the mind system, through their wrongly interpretations. It might seem like a random decision to some, but really it isn't random at all, it is very specific, because we can clearly see that it goes in alignment with the mind consciousness system, where as the mind we exist within blame, we believe things are happening to us, because we have never considered taking responsibility and realizing that we are the source of all our experiences, and here physics is another layer of justification as it has been aligned with the mind's perspective, as looking at an object and analyzing what is happening to it, while not considering looking at the same exact forces that the object is emitting back and thus is responsible for, equally.
So here, science, within the interpretation of physics, has given us the wrong example, as it has been agreed upon in the scientific community that the forces in discussion are the ones being emitted upon a body and not the forces the body is emitting and thus responsible for - this perspective reflects us as victims to circumstances, instead of realizing the self empowerment within taking responsibility for ourselves within realizing that we are participating and thus are the source of all our interactions, and within this realization learn/investigate ourselves, to recognize how/why we have allowed ourselves to be directed by forces, why we have accepted ourselves as less than them, and direct ourselves to change, within a starting point of equality to and as ourselves, to and as the force within us, to and as reality and the physical as a whole of which we are one with and equal to, and within doing so, take responsibility and direct our force to support ourselves as life and all life as one - all this has been hidden from us, through the "random" interpretation of Newton's third law of motion.
Unfortunately, the implications of this law, within the current understanding is one of abdicating self responsibility instead of realizing the self empowerment that exists within this law, within realizing that we are actively participating within every interaction and relationship, yet we believe ourselves to be less than, within the belief that things are being done to us, and are being forced upon us, not realizing that we are allowing every force that is being placed upon us through our acceptance and allowance within and as the interaction, as Newton's third law states for every force exerted onto us we are exerting an equal force, and thus are equal participants in the interaction. Which is actually great news because it means that we can takes self responsibility and direct ourselves within our participation, and thus direct our force to support ourselves as life, and not be directed by the force of the mind - This means we are powerful, we have always had the force within us, as us, within every interaction, but we have never before learnt how to use it, we have not realized ourselves as equal to it - we must realize that all that we need is to change our starting point of how we allow ourselves to exist as, from a starting point of inferiority within believing the things are being done to us, to a starting point of equality within realizing that all that is here is interacting through equal and mutual relationships, and thus we are responsible for our participation, and thus we can direct ourselves and our force within us in support of ourselves as life.
We must realize that within every interaction there is an acceptance of both participants in the interaction and thus both are equally responsible and are exerting equal force towards one another, thus, our ability to direct ourselves and the force within us, and thus the interactions we participate within, our ability to make a directive decision whether or not to participate in an interaction, or to direct it in awareness as a practical solution - are interesting points to consider - it can be seen nicely in Kong Fu (I've seen this in movies) where the Kong Fu master won't participate in the exchange of forces, he won't fight back, but rather "use the opponent's force against him" what he is actually doing is simply not participating in the exchange of forces the opponent was attempting to direct, but rather is directing the situation, one can say he is creating a new equation as a practical solution instead of participating within and enhancing the problem, he is directing a new result of the situation. From this perspective we must realize our responsibility of our interaction and forces around us and thus recognize our participation with our own forces, because in each interaction we can either be directed by the force as less than the force, as being forced to do something by a perceived external force, or we can change our starting point within it all and realize ourselves as equal to the force within us, that we have been participating in without being aware, and thus, within changing our starting point, change ourselves as a point of responsibility and support of life.
We are all directed by the forces exerted at us, the forces within us direct us as thoughts, feeling and motions that we follow blindly within existing as less than, we are directed by the system of the world as money as we are forced to work for our living, we are forced by our physical form and limited in our motions and abilities - many forces are exerted at us - through the support of Desteni Process, what we must do is to equalize ourselves to and as these forces, because, the third law of motions shows us that for each force exerted upon us, we are exerting an equal and opposite force, so we must now take responsibility for our force which we have been denying as ourselves, we must realize that we are in fact actively participating with everything in existence yet we are not the directive principle, as we are allowing ourselves to follow thoughts, feelings, emotions which are energy, that in itself is derived from the physical, thus we are allowing ourselves to exist as less than the thoughts which are directing us, less the emotions and feelings that are directing us, less than energy and less than the physical as a whole - as long as we exist as less, we are still participating but without directive principle, so we are forced by the force, we are thus not self responsible as we haven't taken on a point of responsibility as equals, we must empower ourselves and learn to direct the force within us that we are actually participating within already, and so use our force in support of life, and so take responsibility that all force will be directed as support of life
Once we realize this point, and within walking the desteni process, we start taking responsibility and our range of responsibility grows, we first take responsibility for ourselves within making sure that our participation is of support of ourselves as life, within the principle of do as you would like to receive, then we can start considering those around us within realizing that even though they are responsible for all the forces they participate in, they are yet to be aware of it, or in other cases, they are restricted to a situation where they have to participate in a specific way based on fear of survival due to the situation of this abusive system in which we exist within, because at the moment the system in which we exist within, which we created and continue creating through our participation, is driven by the forces of the mind, and as such is not aligned with supporting all as life, thus, as long as we exist in such a system the forces around us are many and the task to take responsibility is greater due to having more obstacles on the way, thus if we are in a position that allows us to hear this message, and to act on it, to take self responsibility, to direct ourselves within self honesty as what is best for all - if we have the ability to do so, then we have a responsibility to support others to do so as well.
Within this it's important for me to emphasize that this isn't in no way about blaming those that are in bad situations through justifying it within the principle that they are participating and responsible for everything in their experience, because consider that I have made this point very simplified as looking at the most simplistic case of interaction between two objects alone, when in fact all and every thing in this reality interact with everything simultaneously, thus in every moment you are interacting with every other particle in existence and thus are equally responsible for the condition of our existence and every being within it, because you are exerting force that allows the stability of this existence to exist and within it the stability of the current system that doesn’t support all life- so one must be self honest and not go into a point of isolation within the idea that everyone is responsible solely for themselves - no, we are all equally responsible for everything, but we start with self and then expand, so each of us, in time, and as process unfolds, will have to take responsibility for all those that are not yet in a position to take responsibility for themselves due to the system we exist within. We must realize that the system is the way it is due to each of our acceptance and our accumulated force put into holding it together, and thus we must direct our force to be in the best interest of all life.
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"the use of words within the definition indicates inequality, which is in complete contradiction to the basic equation, that actually implies equality. So, from my perspective, the greatness of this law has been overlooked and wrongly interpreted. " thanks for this!

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