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Day 120 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Newton's Second Law of Motion

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Day 1 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Introduction
Day 2 - Physics and the Desteni Process – Newton's First Law of Motion - the Principle of Inertia

Day 3 - Physics and the Desteni Process - Newton's Third Law of Motion - Equal Force

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In my previous blog I discussed the point of forces within an interaction of two or more objects, the point of equal forces that has been discussed remain true for every relationship and within every interaction, but as I've mentioned in my previous blog, the scientific community has agreed to discuss the forces being emitted upon an object when discussing it's motion and not the forces it is emitting and thus responsible for, initially I thought I could align myself with the scientific agreement, but as I go into the depth of the points I see more and more how deceptive and misleading the scientific perspective is, and thus I will show the physics part through the eyes of the mainstream physics, and for the sake of my arguments I will show the interactions from the point of view of the mass, as the forces the mass is emitting and thus responsible for.
Still looking at forces, today I will investigate Newton's second law of motion - out of the three, this is the most discussed law when it come to the schooling system, as it shows the relationship between force and change in motion as acceleration, it follows the first law that discusses the resistance to change -Newton's second law completes it with explaining what is necessary for change in motion to take place, thus force.
Let's have a look at how forces come into this equation, as we know and see all around us that things do move around and change their velocity despite their inherent force of inertia which is the resistance to change, same as we know that we have changed within ourselves through out our lives despite the resistance to change, so let's figure out how this change happens, and what is this force.
the second law of motion exhibits the relationship between force and the change in momentum, which is the change in velocity and mass of an object over time - within motion, for an object to change it's velocity, whether direction or speed, a force must be acting upon it, Newton discovered that the force necessary to change an objects velocity is equal to the change of the body's momentum in time.
Momentum (p) is a property of a body that has a mass (m) and is moving in a velocity (v) - thus p=mv
Just a small mathematical explanation before I continue regarding derivatives that are soon to come - a derivative will look something like this: d@/dt, but instead of the @ figure there would be a parameter that is dependent in time and thus changes in time. a familiar derivative you can probably all relate to is velocity, as we know it refers to miles per hour, or generally speaking, it expresses the distance a body will move in a chosen time frame, thus the displacement of a body, the change in the body's location, so velocity will look like this v=dx/dt
Where: v=velocity, x=displacement , t=time
Now that we got this cleared up I can continue
Newton found that the force needed to change a body's velocity is defined as the derivative of it's momentum, thus force is defined as the change in momentum through time, mathematically it looks like follows: F = dp/dt which means, how much momentum a body will gain or lose in a chosen time frame.
Any quantity that changes in time, is dependent on time and thus can be derived through time, in many cases the mass is constant through time, and in such cases their derivative in time will be zero because they don't change in time - they are constant, in such cases where the mass is constant through time only the velocity part of the momentum will be derived through time, and thus the force will appear as follows:
F = dp/dt = m(dv/dt) = ma
where a stand for acceleration, and is defined by the derivative of velocity in time, which in essence means that acceleration reflects how much will the object's velocity increase or decrease in a chosen time frame. All this brings us to the formulation of the second law of motion as most are familiar with: F=ma
A force acting on a body will cause it to accelerate depending on it's mass, where the more mass a body has the more force must be emitted to reach the same acceleration.
One can see that this law goes along with Newton's first law, where there is no acceleration taking place the net force will be zero, and when the net force exerted on a body is zero the body will not accelerate, remain in it's constant velocity, as indicate the principle of inertia
it's easy to relate to this point when driving a car, I'm sure you've noticed that if you are at a stop light next to a big heavy truck when the light will turn green you will accelerate much faster, this is not because you have a more powerful engine, it's because the mass of your car in relation to the truck is less - so one must realize that the mass of an object will influence it's ability to accelerate, and thus how much force will be needed to reach a specific acceleration - the larger the mass of an object, the harder it will be for it to accelerate, but we know this already based on the principle of inertia.
So, how does Newton's second law of physics relate to the Desteni Process?
Newton law states that a force emitted on an object with a mass will cause it to accelerate - I have to go back to the third law of physics, and insist on the misunderstanding and misleading perspective within interpreting the situation as such where the mass is passive and the force emitted upon it is the cause and source of it's acceleration, I insist because the mass could equally be seen as the source of movement due to it's participation and exertion of forces as we've seen within Newton's third law - consider the simple fact that the mass is the one that is moving, acting and interacting.
The idea that mass is a passive object creates a paradox that can be solved either through the acceptance of a god almighty or some other external mystery force that is the sole director of this reality, or by accepting the idea that the mass is it's own directive principle and that everything in reality is self responsible and if all that exists would realize self as self responsible, within self honesty, it would not believe itself to be submitted to forces, but would direct the forces that it is participating within anyway, yet at the moment not aware of it and thus not existing as the directive principle of it's own forces of which it is participating with in every interaction.
If we insist to believe that mass is passive, because it sounds "too crazy" to believe mass has any responsibility, then we must ask ourselves: is the force that is emitted on the mass, is it responsible? But it is also just another mass so it can't be responsible and is only reacting to other external forces… which if I continue this line of logic the external force would have to be passive as well, so we can go on and on and will never find the source of the motion, the source of the force, because everything is seen as subject to external forces - continuing with line of logic we would come to the conclusion that everything is passively reacting to forces emitted upon it which are passive to other forces, so who or what is directing reality as we see there is a sense of law and order.
Some people may believe that humans are the only beings with awareness and thus the ability to direct - but that would make us into the only self directed force, and that doesn't make sense because everything existed way before humanity did.
As far as I see it there are three options, 1) there is a god that is directing everything, and making us do the scientific experiments that we do, and is in fact the directive principle and the sole responsible for all that is here - I see this as a great way to bale out of taking responsibility, or 2) only humans have awareness and thus the ability to direct, that would contradict the fact that everything existed before humanity, and would also raise the obvious question of if this is true, then why is humanity only destroying everything around it like a living cancer in a body it doesn't realize it is killing, or 3) everything has awareness, equally, but we have all abdicated our responsibility of ourselves and of reality as existence as a whole, thus we must self realize, we must find ourselves within ourselves within the physical as the physical - this is in essence the Desteni Process, a process of self empowerment so that we can be more than who we have accepted ourselves to be as enslaved to mysterious forces that are directing us, but rather investigate ourselves within the starting point of self honesty and realize that we are ourselves, and thus can realize ourselves as who we are, what we do, why we do it, so that within realizing this, we can become self aware and equalize ourselves to the forces that are as of yet exerted on us, and direct them as our own force, then all in existence can do the same equally, because we are all connected within the interactions that we exist in.
The fact that everyone is passively accepting the forces emitted upon them is true but notice the words I used, passively accepting the forces - not passive to the forces. This indicates an ability of choice, a choice that might be denied and overlooked, but still exists. So we are allowing forces to direct us as implied by the second law of motions, but we must ask ourselves and investigate within self honesty if we have the ability to change within ourselves, and reconnect to our inner force which is the realization that we are equal to and one with everything that is here and thus not inherently submitted to any force, but have a choice, because we, as humanity, as mass, as substance, can in fact become the directive principle, we just haven't realized it yet.
So, now, back to the second law of motion, and lets see if we can interpret it in a way that supports us to understand the reality in which we live in and the forces at hand and how we can impact and effect ourselves and reality.
Looking at the equation F=ma from the perspective of a mass, it is no longer seen as if the force is emitted on the mass and causing the acceleration, but utilizing Newton's third law of motion, we can look at it as the mass is responsible for the force it is emitting and thus is putting itself into action, accelerating itself through application, and through that accumulates force which it emits through interactions to what or whom it is interacting with.
We can look at the mass as the substance of "who I am" as all the accumulated knowledge I have about myself and my perspective of reality, thus the property of the mass, as the knowledge it exists as can be within a starting point of the mind, and thus the "who I am" will be self interest, in such a situation, the inner force of the mass as the mass will cause it to accelerate and within the starting point of the substance of the mass as self interest, and thus will emit force of the same starting point, on the other hand, the mass can be of substance as knowledge that supports life, that recognize the natural forces in play and is aligned with all that is here as the physical, in this case the mass will accelerate itself through applying itself within the starting point of that which is best for all, within the realization that that is in fact the highest interest of self, as self is one with all that is here, and thus the force emitted by the mass would be of the same starting point, and that will reflect in all interactions, whether the interactions will be based on self interest and create friction, conflict and suffering for the mass itself as well as to others, or on the principle of equality as what is based for all - is all dependent on the property of the mass - thus, we as humanity, as individuals, have to make the decision to take self responsibility and change ourselves as the mass of knowledge that we exist in, to apply ourselves from the new starting of the self changed mass, and thus to emit a force of the same starting point firstly onto ourselves as we empower ourselves, and secondly around us as we influence and impact the world through our interaction - the choice is ours, are our interactions going to be based on the old version of ourselves, as self interest.
Within the Desteni Process we are provided with tools as writing and self forgiveness to support ourselves in the process of self change, from a mass that is not responsible for the force it emits, into a mass that take self responsibility and change oneself to be able to trust that the force we are participating within is supporting us as life, and all life as we are all one.
We must realize that at the moment it's true, we are forced by the forces around us, we are not self directive, so from this perspective we need a push to get ourselves started, this is the beauty of the Desteni Process as we are all walking our process in writing, not just for ourselves as self support, but this is how we emit force through interactions, and thus you, that are reading our blogs and hearing the Desteni Message, within the interaction, are experiencing it as a force emitted upon you, and it gives you a chance to self explore and self realize.
Let me brake this down on an individual level, the mass is who I am, as the mass of knowledge I exist as, and the property of the mass will indicate if I am holding on to knowledge that is aligned to the natural forces and thus of support of myself as life within the principle of what is best for all life, or is it not aligned with the natural forces, as not existing in equilibrium with the physical reality, as causing friction and conflict through self interest - the mass that I am, the property of myself, that which I exist as, will dictate how I put myself into action which is the property of acceleration, in the Desteni Process, the acceleration will be done within writing and applying self forgiveness as the application of the mass of knowledge as who I am, these properties together will determine the force I emit into and on reality, thus, if the mass as who I am is aligned with the natural forces as equality or if the mass as who I am is aligned with the mind as illation as not existing within the realm of the natural forces of reality, either way, the force I will emit will be an outflow of the starting point of myself as who I am as the mass of knowledge I exist as. Thus, the force I emit within the interactions I exist as reflect me as who I am, whether I'm aware of it or not. Better become aware and take self responsibility - don't you think?
Within the Desteni Process one realize what is natural force, the force of nature, of the physical, this is the reason I am walking this blog series, to bring the two points together within showing that physics supports the Desteni Message due to the simple fact that the Desteni Message is aligned with the physical, within realizing that nature, the physical, substance, all follow the laws of nature and are thus constricted to natural forces, thus, anything that contradicts the natural forces is causing friction and consequences. So our goal is to align ourselves with nature, with the forces of nature, with the physical, to realize that we are not observers but actual equal and one participants in this existence, in this ball of dust. We all are made from the same substance, we are all primarily physical, and only through the perception of the mind we believe ourselves to be separate from all that is here. An interesting point to consider is that we are mass, yet we have awareness, perhaps all mass has awareness as that would explain why the mass is in fact responsible for all the forces it is emitting and participating in, while physics has always seen it as a passive object and thus has considered only the forces acting upon it. In this series of blogs, the starting point is different, I can't say I know for a fact that all mass / substance is in fact aware, but I sure as hell can't say for a fact that it isn't, thus I will continue with following the physics to where it takes me, within allowing myself to investigate all that is here and keep that which is good, that which will be of most support for humanity to better ourselves to bring about a reality through applying ourselves in awareness to create a force that is aligned with the force of nature that will support nature and all life as a whole.

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