Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 123 - Physics and the Desteni Process - From Overwhelmingness to Normal

This blog is a part of a blog series “physics and the Desteni Process”
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I have moved the physics blog series to a separate blog : http://physicsjournettolife.blogspot.com/


When I first started writing about physics I made a list of some concepts, principles and laws that I would like to address within showing how they reflect our reality in a broader way and how they reflect and support the principle of equality as the law that govern our reality. I then started with the most basic and tangible part of physics - mechanics. Though, the more I wrote the more I realized how much investigation is necessary for me to be sufficiently clear about the points, both from the physics perspective, and from the perspective of bringing it together with the principle of equality - I've been doing so within questioning the interpretations of the laws/principles/concepts and taking them into consideration from the starting point of learning from them how we can support ourselves as humanity, as life, to stop the direction we have allowed ourselves to accelerate in, and change ourselves to a direction that is best for all, coinciding with the natural forces as the principle of equilibrium and equality.


As I was sitting down to write my blog today I didn't know how to continue and I panicked - in the past few days I have been experiencing a sense of high, as I've been riding the mind's energy, instead of grounding myself here, and walking step by step, breath by breath, point by point , and today when I didn't know how to continue I fell to the polarity of the high that I had accumulated through out the past few days, and found myself today experiencing myself overwhelmed by it all. Overwhelmed by the vast field of physics - feeling myself inadequate, as too small to take it on, perceiving these points/concepts are too big for me to grasp, too big for me to interpret, too big for me question, too big for me to understand. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback I've been receiving - experiencing an energetic high within realizing that people are actually reading what I'm writing, experiencing myself as visible / seen / known / famous , and as a result experiencing a sense of responsibility within the desire to stand up to the expectations that I have projected on the readers and within that going into fear of not keeping up with myself and not writing a worthy / clear / direct / accurate post. Overwhelmed by the depth and vastness of reality as the physical as what is here, and overwhelmed by the fact that I don't have all the answers, I don't know what reality is, I don't see the full picture - I am just working it out, and scared of making mistakes, scared of failing myself, scared of being challenged on what I've written and not knowing how to explain, not knowing how to back it up effectively. Overwhelmed by the feeling that I'm doing something valuable and within it feeling special and unique, overwhelmed by the thought that this could be an important series, that if done correctly and effectively may benefit someone else besides myself, or dare I say humanity - I now see that within this all I had lost myself, I had forgotten my starting point, or actually, I've realized that I haven't established a clear starting point within myself to begin with.


I went into overwhelmingness instead of realizing that what I am doing isn't special or unique but is simply normal. Doing things like this, writing, expanding, exploring, investigating, sharing, for the best interest of all - this is what normal should be - a being investigating a point and sharing it equally for all to see, not from a pretentious starting point of knowing it all but walking it from a humble starting point of equality, as the being learns the point, they share the point as it opens up, as they expand through the investigation and allow all to learn and expand as well, showing that all points that are here, can be known by all equally and understood by all in simplicity.


What I've been doing within writing this blog series should be experienced by me as simply normal, yet I've never lived this kind of "normal" - I've always interpreted normal as mediocre, boring, uninteresting, unimportant, invaluable - and thus by walking the point of physics, I have become involved, participating and creating something interesting, exciting and valuable - I couldn't see it as normal, and I couldn't help myself from going to overwhelmingness, because I've never done anything like this before, I've always been so busy entertaining myself and doubting myself, that I've never allowed myself to express myself in the learning stages of a process and share myself for others to learn as well. Thus, normal should be, and actually is, if we allow ourselves to see the common sense within it, expanding together as one, equalizing ourselves through assisting and supporting each other, each one in their field of interest, seeing that no point is too big, everything can be broken down to it's basics, we can all be equally knowledgeable, equally understand this reality and equally participate and contribute, we can equally support ourselves to empower ourselves to be more than we have ever allowed ourselves to be within taking self responsibility and changing ourselves into self excellence, to then change reality as a whole as what is best for all, for all life to live, and enjoy, and express, and expand together as equal individuals.


How have we accepted a world that doing that which is best for all, standing up for life is seen as something big, special and extraordinary, when it should be the most natural and normal thing, and it's not as if we are inventing something, creating some form of magic, manifesting something new - we are basically picking up after ourselves, cleaning up the mess that we have created through our acceptance and direct participation in the current world system as all the construct within our world are based on the distractive nature of self interest, greed and desire for power - so why is cleaning up one's own mess, correcting one's own mistakes, clearing up one's own misunderstandings, perceived as something special, when it is in fact the most sane, sensible, logical and normal thing to do?...


So here I am starting over, establishing myself within my starting point, realizing that I am not doing anything special, I am writing myself to freedom, walking my own journey to life, braking down a subject that I have access to so that all can have equal access, expressing myself as I investigate the point, as I am learning it, rediscovering it and redefining it to be aligned with what is best for all. I am expanding myself through investigating the point of physics, I am challenging myself to question it and interpret it within the principle of equality as what is best for all, I am practicing critical thinking, I am practicing my own self expression , I am empowering myself through allowing myself to contribute where I can, I am learning about myself and enjoying myself - finally I am doing what is the sane, sensible, logical and normal thing to do.


More on this point in my next blog, and after I clear this mess up with self forgiveness and self commitment statements I will continue with the physics point, slowly but surely, one breath at a time.


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Lindsay Craver said...

Awesome Maya - I'm grateful to walk this with you, to watch your journey unfold as mine, and for your sharing and standing as an example of 'the most sane, sensible, logical and normal thing to do' - thanks

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