Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 172 – Is a Law abiding Citizen Equal to a Murderer?

My response to the question: “So you would say that a law abiding citizen should in principle be equal to a murderer or psychopath?.” posted on Quora


it's not that "a law abiding citizen SHOULD in principle be equal to a murderer or psychopath" - it's that they ARE equal - we are all in fact equal, we are equal from many perspectives: we all have the same basic necessities, we all eat / drink / shit / breathe, we are all a product of our environment and upbringing, we are the outcome of our education and our life circumstances - From this perspective, you cannot attempt to compare a law abiding citizen and a murderer without looking into all the details of their lives - because you are trying to point fingers at the murderer and suggest that they solely are responsible for their character and behavior as you are implying that the law abiding citizen is responsible for his conduct - you are basically stating that parenting and education have nothing to do with how we end up, you are saying that our financial status, the support we receive as children growing up, the role models we had around us, the mental health of our family members - all that means nothing... I'm sure you realize that all these factors play a roll in how we turn out - and thus, as long as we don't have equal conditions, an equal basis to stand up from - how dare you compare the outcome? how dare you base who is deserving or worthy of a dignified life based on the outcome of the circumstances they were exposed to?

And yes, we are each responsible for who we are, and we can each walk a process of self responsibility and change / correct ourselves to the better - this isn't about holding on to blaming the circumstances and hiding behind our past - but, do most people have access, the finance, the ability, the knowledge or the support to walk an effective process of self empowerment? no, which is yet again another reason for equal money to be in place, because that will ensure the means to support all, to overcome their past, to let go of the blame, to forgive the circumstances of their lives, and to correct themselves as to become an effective citizen - a citizen that not only obey rules out of fear of consequence, but rather a citizen that actually respects themselves, honors life, and recognizes that their neighbors are their equals, and treats them as they would like to be treated.


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