Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 12 - The temper tantrum game – self commitment statements

Day 12 - The temper tantrum game – self commitment statements

Continuing my previous blog:

Earth's journey to life blog has been very supportive, go through the series in regards to temper tantrum for further/deeper perspective:

I commit myself to stopping myself as separation within participating within and playing out a temper tantrum, through realizing that by participating in a tantrum I am stating to myself that I am not in control of myself thus abdicating self-responsibility of the situation as myself, and that I have allowed emotion/desire/characters to direct me instead of pushing myself through writing and applying self-forgiveness to reveal/expose to myself the characters/desires that I have allowed to direct me, in order to be able to stand as self-directive principle by taking full responsibility for/as myself and not accepting anything less than who I am as life

I commit myself to not allow myself to emotionally manipulate myself into believing that I am not capable to handle this tantrum, that it is bigger than me, through realizing that I am here within/as breath, and that I have in fact created all the characters that I now believe to have control over me, I commit myself to see/realize and understand that I am the creator of all my characters that I have allowed to direct me and that I have been protecting through my tantrum, and thus realizing that as the creator I have the power/ability to stop then as I realize they are not of life, they are not real, and they only become real through my participation within/as them, thus I stop within/as breath within/as the physical as the only character that is in fact real

when I am faced with someone else participating within a temper tantrum, I commit myself to not allow myself to participate/support it by giving my allowance to the character and self-belief they have created, because I realize this is not who they are as life, but a self-created character that is not actually real but is an illusion that we have allowed ourselves to exist as and then to be controlled/directed by, and then to protect and fight to defend, I realize that participating within/as a temper tantrum is abusive towards self and others as self, and in in fact distracting self from actually seeing one's self  as one and equal as all as life, I realize that by supporting another's tantrum I am giving myself permission to participate in a tantrum of my own, thus not standing as support for another as myself within allowing and justifying my own character and tendency for a tantrum

I commit myself to stop myself as a temper tantrum within and as breath and to investigate the emotion/character/desire that I have allowed to accumulate within me to come to an explosion as a temper tantrum


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