Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 16 – Child or adult polarity - creating Fear of Authority


This blog is a continuation of my previous blog:  
day 14 - The child/adult character  
day 15 - Child/adult character creating the outsider character


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear authority within the belief that authority has power over me and thus has the ability to hurt/harm me

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create myself as the character of a child within separating myself from adults within defining them as the authority over me

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realizing that by creating myself as the  child character within the definition I have created of being weak and powerless thus in the power of authority as adults, I have in fact created, through my acceptance and allowance, the authority character and have handed over to it my power within fear and thus have giving my acceptance to all to give their power away to authority, creating a world of followers abdicating responsibility within fear of standing up in the face of authority within the belief that authority has the power, but what I haven’t realized is that the only power any authority has is the power given to it by self, thus I can stop and change myself and thus the polarity of the characters as child/powerless and adult/authority

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing adults to be authority over children, within defining authority in context of power and force, thus accepting and allowing adults to use force/power towards children by the acceptance of them being the authority over children, not allowing myself to consider the possibility that all are in fact equal and there is no reason for one to have authority over another within a context of force/power but rather to use authority as a form of support through realizing that adults have the ability to support and serve children and thus are authorized to do so within the principle of equality

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define authority within the context of power within the polarity game of weak/strong, and through this definition of authority I have connected authority to the opportunity to abuse the weaker, instead of seeing that authority is given through acceptance and is thus a reflection of what we give our acceptance and approval to. Within that I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to authorize authority as an opportunity to abuse the weak within accepting the polarity of weak/strong to begin with, and within allowing myself to live and exist as and within a world that is fighting for survival and not supporting each other as life instead of stopping the polarity and living as what is best for all within the principle of equality, and thus using authority within the principle of equality, where the strong support and protect the weak and not abuse them for power/greed

I commit myself to see, realize and understand how authority, within myself and the world as myself, is being abused through our acceptance of the polarity within the fight for survival, and that through authority we justify abusing/manipulating the weak in order to feel the power and the illusion of stability within a world of survival/polarity/abuse,

I commit myself to show myself and the world as myself that authority can be re-defined as the act of support, where we use our authority/power/strength to support those that cannot support themselves until they are able to stand as equals, until authority is no longer necessary

I commit myself to stopping my participation with the child/adult character, from both sides od the coin, thus not allowing myself to participate in fear of authority as adult, and not allow myself to abuse authority towards children.

I realized authority is given by me and thus fearing authority is a sub-character of the child/adult character which I have created and thus is not in fact real, so I must be able to stop it.

I am here, within and as breath, I am not the character I have created as myself and have defined myself as, I am life, I am not limited to living as the characters that I have programmed myself as, I can let go the characters and set myself free to live as one and equal within practically living out within every breath that which is best for all – I commit myself to myself as life, to walk until it is done.


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